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Skinny Gummy | 14 day achiever

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  • Clinically proven weight loss *
  • Extends the feeling of bellyful
  • Reduces appetite
  • Sugar & gluten free & lactose 1 gummy – only 10 calories
  • It fills the space in the stomach, reducing the amount of food received
  • Slows gastric emptying
  • Reduces fat and sugar absorption

Skinny Gummy contains glucomannan, which is a completely natural substance derived from the Japanese mushroom root called Konjac. Glucomannan effectively reduces the feelings of hunger because of its exceptional ability to bind itself to water and turn into a gel in your tummy that leaves less room for other food.

• In combination with plenty of water, it fills the stomach, giving you a long-lasting full feeling.
• It also slows down gastric emptying, which contributes to prolonging the feeling of fullness.
• Reduces fat and sugar absorption

When you buy a 14 day achiever pack of Skinny Gummy, we deliver two packages, each with 84 gummies.

How To Use

Chew four gummies 30 minutes before eating (or when you’re hungry) three times a day. It is very important to chew gummies thoroughly and drink 1 to 2 glasses (min. 250 ml) of water to get the substance into your stomach. The active ingredient, Glucomannan, binds itself to water, increases in volume and fills the space in your stomach, making you feel full and less hungry. For weight loss, the recommended dose is 3g of Glucomannan per day (1g 3 times a day).

Caution: Skinny Gummy must not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Ingredients & Warnings
Dose: 4 gummies Per dose
Glucomannan (Konjac) 1g
Other ingredients: sweeteners (maltitol syrup, sorbitol), gelling agent (gelatin, starch), water, citric acid, strawberry flavor, anti-caking agents (vegetable oil-coconut and rapeseed oil), carnauba wax, dye 163). Contains: sugar, gluten, lactose, fish, nuts, soy.
Nutrition information
Calories 185,7 Kcal/100g
Kj 777,1 Kj/100g
Sugars 0g
Fat 0,09g/100g
Proteins 6,70g/100g
Starches 0g
Fiber 5g/100g
Caution: Do not exceed the daily recommended dose. This nutritional supplement is for people over 15 years of age. This food supplement is not used as a substitute for a varied diet. Not for pregnant and breastfeeding women. If you have any prescription medications or are under medical supervision, we recommend that you consult your doctor about using this product. In case of unexpected reactions, consult a physician. Excessive consumption may have a laxative effect.
Delivery & Returns

We will express deliver your order within 72 hours. This way the journey to your dream body with Skinny Gummy can start in 2 days!

The price of transport by USPS First class package to your home is $4.95, and over $50 is free.

Nobody wants to buy a pig in a poke. We understand this completely. Since we are sure of our product, we offer you a money back guarantee for all unopened packages for up to 30 days (from the date of delivery).

In practice, if you buy a 14-day conversion, for example, and after 7 days our product doesn’t convince you, you can send us the unopened packaging back, and we’ll refund you for it! Please contact us at regarding return

Skinny Gummy | 14 day achiever

Skinny Gummy | 14 day achiever